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It is always a little bit tricky when I should stand in front of a camera. But I have one piece of my gear that helped us to take these pictures. Let me explain : )

Used gear

  • tripod – stady tripod is good base for self portraits
  • Canon 6D DSLR camera
  • Triggertrap – this toy costs $37.00 USD but I love it and mobile remote app doesn’t work without this cable
  • fully charged iPhone (I recommend to use some external charger for your smartphone too)
  • Triggertrap Mobile – the ultimate camera remote for iOS
  • collapsible reflector to reflex sun light

Don’t forget!

There is some few steps I made before I started. Make sure you read the easy directions on triggertrap website and then:

  • Choose your location for shooting
  • Set your tripod, camera, exposure and make some sample pictures
  • Connect Triggertrap and test you app
  • I recommend to mount smartphone on tripod to avoid any shaking
  • Set up timelapse mode on Triggertrap mobile app
  • Push the red button to start shooting

Voilà! Check sometimes you camera and pictures you’ve made.

PS: If you have any ideas, tips or comments, please feel free to leave me a reply underneath : ) I’m looking forward

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